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  1. ngdesk

    Compatible with all modern browsers, ngDesk is free live chat designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.
    ngDesk is also available for mobile. Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app on your phone.
    Compatible with Joomla version 3.x

    Why use ngDesk?
    ngDesk chat app that lets you easily chat with customers on your website with our easy to install plugin. No catch. No spam. No Ads.
    Having trouble and need some help? Check out our

    How much does this cost?
    This ngDesk app is completely free.

    - ngDesk makes it easy to deliver personalised and real-time customer service
    - Built in support desk and ticketing system
    - Stay connected anywhere, be in touch with your customers from your computer, or your mobile.
    - Live Chat is convenient for your customers, helping them through pain points and as a result helping you generate better customer support and higher conversions.

    ngDesk offers 24x7-365 live support, visit our and initiate a chat or send us an email at
    Don't have a ngdesk account ?

  2. GEO Redirect for Joomla

    Define visitor’s geolocation by IP automatically and redirect them to a specific page. Based on IP identification the GEO Redirect plugin allows you send your visitors to specific landing pages, redirect them to different websites or just block them from accessing your site. With the use of the plugin, your foreign customers won’t have to choose the native language and currency manually, as they will be redirected to a proper page as soon as they open your website. Using the Easy Redirect you’ll manage to redirect visitors to specific URLs, switch currency, switch store view e.t.c.

    With GEO Redirect, you can choose either to make a redirect between websites or only within one website. In case you have several websites you can manage your traffic in a few mouse clicks.

  3. BrainForge Custom Range Filter for Hikashop

    This package enables you to filter product information by range of values.
    Contains a System plugin and a Hikashop plugin - both must be enabled for correct operation.
    Requires Hikashop Commercial.

    • Feature Summary (see screenshots)
    • Filtering on product price.
    • Filtering on product information (weight, dimensions).
    • Only numeric data entry allowed.
    • Optionally negative values can be disallowed.
    • Optional submit on carriage return.
    • Optional submit on type.
    • Optional help and input placeholder feature.
    • Customisable CSS.
    • Flexible dot (.) and comma (,) decimal point handling.
  4. UT Cryptocurrency Chart

    UT Cryptocurrency Chart is a module to show more recent statistics of one or more cryptocurrencies. It is responsive and absolutely customizable, it is possible to display the most recent data or in periods of time from 1 hour to 2 years, time intervals between one data and another from 1 minute to 1 day. With 3 types of line, bar and area graphics.

    Times & Dates

    Time Period: Time periods until today, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 days, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

    Interval: time intervals between one data and another within a period of time, 1 point, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 1 day.

    Date: It is the date shown in the scale X (horizontal) of the Chart. The dates and times are exact with the client's horary (visitor's device). You can select formats: Full date, Year-month-day, Month-day-hour, month-day, day-time, day, hour. the hour includes minutes.

    More Features

    • Cryptocurrencies: Add uno or more coin with your own color.
    • Chart Type: Available line, bar and area.
    • Responsive: Maintain aspect ratio, custom height, custom size (width and height)
    • Scale Labels: Enter your custom text for scale X and Y (price and date)
    • Title: Show or hide custom text for title of chart.
    • Legend: Show or hide legend (color boxes with the Id and color of the cryptocurrency)
    • Legend Position: Show legend on top, right, bottom or left
    • Tooltip Mode: Mode of displaying data when the mouse passes through the chart, there is index, nearest, point.
    • Fill: When is enabled chart is type area, and line when is disabled.
    • Line Options: Show or hide, border width, border dashed, stepped line (vertical and horizontal not curve).
    • Points Options: Available 10 styles, point size and point border width.
    • Grid Options: Show or hide, draw border, draw on chart area, draw ticks, color.
    • Label Options: Show or hide, font size, font style, font color, line height. These are the price and date texts.
    • Ticks Options: Show or hide, font size, font style, font color, line height. These are dates in scale X (horizontal) and prices in scale y (vertical). This extension is absolutely customizable
  5. Freeflow - Metered Content

    Freeflow allows you to give your visitors a sampling of your paid subscription content on a per device basis. It takes the device fingerprint of your visitors and keeps a record of them for you. When the visits are exhausted they are redirected to your Paywall.

    Freeflow adds a user to the right user group and view access level for the content you want to show off. It does this only for the current page and stops doing so, when the hit count for your users device reaches the limit.

    The messaging is completely customizable via template, and the admin. It's a snap!